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Over one year ago (May 2012), the City Commission compiled and approved a list of Design/Product Standards for the development of 20 acres of property assembled in recent years near City Hall. These standards are referred to as our “Guiding Principles” and there are 10 of them.

From June to December 2012:

We hired a consultant (ACI), a well-connected professional in the industry of planning and designing mixed use developments. ACI went to work and provided the following:

  • Defined the process to attract potential developers

  • Defined the market (market studies were performed to be sure we would get a project that would be successful and sustainable in today’s market and for years to come

  • Attracted a total of 9 developer interests who were instructed to use our “Guiding Principles” to assist in their development proposals

  • Received 5 viable offers/proposals After we received the 5 viable offers and City Staff along with our Consultant narrowed the proposals down to the 2 development teams meeting most of our Guiding Principles and bringing the highest possible use and yield to the city.

In January 2013, the City Commission chose, by a 5-0 vote, to work in partnership and good faith with Casto and Integra, the Commercial and Residential Developer of choice. The City Commission conveyed its trust, good faith, and enthusiasm in the chosen developers and their ability to design and build a quality product that will serve the residents of our community and act as a destination to non-residents.

A partnership was formed in trust and good faith.

The developers, our consultant, city staff and a commissioner proceeded to meet over the next 6 months to work out the final details of the accepted project. Commissioner Aramendia was to report back to the City Commission on progress. All reports conveyed good progress.

Developers of this caliber have NEVER taken an interest Casselberry before. It is an extraordinary opportunity. We were especially excited because they took an interest in the quality, design and place making components that we desire. They came with strong reputations of building quality products with sustainability. Casto, having built Winter Park Village and many similar projects, has 3 generations of experience. Integra has been building Class “A” luxury apartment projects for over 27 years. It is golden with opportunity and commitment to our needs and wishes.

For the first time in YEARS, Casselberry is on its way to completing one of the biggest new developments in its history specifically designed to launch the city forward into a new era with a gorgeous destination designed like no other. An incredibly beautiful new venue with water vistas, tons of green landscape, art-walk with large sidewalks, waterfront restaurants including outdoor seating, and new upscale A-rated luxury apartments to support local businesses and city events. It is all designed with the community and its residents in mind to offer more quality and appeal to everyone.

After months of “free” labor and financial investments in “Good Faith” by the chosen Developers, their attorneys, the City of Casselberry’s attorney and city staff, the City Developers and City Commission met to review the final product. We reviewed a Final Product that met and even exceeded our expectations in design, quality and uniqueness. It is a product that took months of work in “good faith” of a promised partnership that would yield a promised opportunity to develop property for the City of Casselberry. The intent of the meeting was to ask questions, make changes as desired, and begin negotiations in moving forward. The Developers, their concept and the purchase price had been approved in January 2013. It was time to work through design details and move forward with negotiations in continued Good Faith. An Acquisition Agreement between the Developers and the City was approved at July 8th, 2013 Commission Meeting and signed by all parties. Also approved was hiring our Consultant, ACI, for $25,250.00 to design a new plan moving Triplet Lake Drive to the north (towards City Hall) in order to relocate the stand alone apartment building to the south. The possible re-alignment of the street is to be the last consideration before moving forward with the negotiations of the construction agreement. The developers are continuing to move forward in good faith within the parameters of the Acquisition Agreement.

Once complete the project will yield:

200 luxury apartments, 4 restaurants (all waterfront), beautiful water vistas including two lakes connected by a continuous flowing canal, upscale landscaping along wide sidewalks connecting the restaurants in front of City Hall to the park behind City Hall - Lake Concord Park. The two restaurants on Lake Concord (behind City Hall) will connect to the existing boardwalk across the lake creating a continuous beautiful walking path of parks, water vistas and landscape from Community United Methodist Church to Home Depot. There will be an Art Walk and the opportunity for “Pop Up Retail/Farmer’s Market/Art Walk/Small Concert venue between the two restaurants on the south side of City Hall. The Placemaking components are tremendous!

Even with the approved Guiding Principles and the signed Acquisition Agreement on July 8, 2013, it is critical that community backing and support be shown for the continuation of this project. While no project can necessarily be perfect, this project is very good for Casselberry and is consistent with the Guiding Principles outlined by the City and Commission. Failure of this project to move forward at this late stage will be a major setback and will harm the City for years to come.

This project was conceived as a result of careful research and analysis of statistics supporting what is sustainable and appealing in today’s market within our demographics. With the completion of this project, we are achieving sustainability and appeal with a unique sense of place-making and beautiful vistas like no other place in Central Florida.

It is important to note that all seven of the original design proposals had a residential development component. Not a single developer proposed a desirable retail only design as the reality today and for the foreseeable future is that it is not financially viable and no wants a half empty failed development.

We need your support.

Please e-mail your City Commissioners today at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please attend the next Commission Meeting/Workshop:  Tuesday, October 29th at 4 pm to Voice Your Support !



+2 #9 Marie 2013-10-28 02:25
Would be nice to have a yogurt/ice cream place,just something
Different,maybe with outside tables;like supmoni,gelato ice cream.
0 #8 Gregory Twery 2013-10-21 13:23
This is going to be a wonderful situation for the people of our city and county as well. However, for this to work we need 2 things; patience, and more good law enforcement. No telling what "Rif_Raf" will show up?
+2 #7 Luisa M. Valcarcel 2013-10-07 23:38
After 20 years in Casselberry, 18 as a homeowner, I am delighted with the downtown planned development. This town has it all, and is a haven among all the hustle bustle of Central Florida. Loved the garden signs...need to get one.
+1 #6 Danika 2013-10-04 12:46
I've lived in Casselberry for 1 year, moved from downtown Orlando. I've loved it here, but I've really missed having local restaurants within walking distance from our home. That was such a great part of living downtown and that seems to be the one element missing from Casselberry. The events, the parks, the neighborhood have been great... so looking forward to getting better places to eat other than fast food joints!
+3 #5 Mrs. M. Hemmert 2013-09-30 21:58
So happy to see the City being improved. We have needed a new image for a very long time. :lol:
+3 #4 Rosemary DeCampus 2013-09-29 18:25
I have lived in Casselberry for 33+ years. The last few years have shown that we can be beautiful with all the new trees, prettier roads, etc. Was so disappointed when Downtown was stopped by depression. Thrilled that it is back on the table! Also thrilled that we now have a Farmer's Market, hoping it will get bigger. Also addition of Appleby's means we are really going uptown also.
+4 #3 Lois Bak 2013-09-25 16:58
I have lived in Casselberry for over 40 years and am very excited to see us finally moving forward with this project to create a downtown for our City. I have been noticing with pleasure all the new construction in other parts of the city also.
+4 #2 Sharon Stanley 2013-09-23 16:43
I am so proud to be the principal of Casselberry Elementary and able to be a part of the transformation that is taking place in this great neighborhood of ours. The City of Casselberry is doing so much to revitalize and provide for its community and the efforts are paying off in a phenomenal way. The beautiful venue of Lake Concord Park is the perfect setting for Downtown Casselberry. Casselberry Elementary is so happy for the city and as residents want to support this endeavor as the city has ALWAYS been supportive of us in our endeavor to be an “A” school. It’s a win-win for all!
+6 #1 Karen Nolen 2013-09-15 11:12
Way to go city commissioners. Finally excellent progress for Casselberry. I applaud you for doing your homework, persevered and are understanding why this is so vital for our community. Progress, vision, and endless possibilities for the future of Casselberry.
Looking forward to the first shovel ceremony!
Looking forward to the ribbon cutting!

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