Why is this Very Good for the Casselberry Community?

Many Benefits Include:

  • Casselberry will become a beautiful new dining destination.


  • It is the catalyst to attract new business.

  • New Businesses will bring an even stronger business tax base. As the business tax base grows, the millage rate can be reduced so your taxes can be decreased.

  • Many New Jobs will be created locally.


  • It is the catalyst to attract new residents.

  • Luxury Apartment Renters can become new home buyers in Casselberry and begin to renovate our old housing stock in our beautiful neighborhoods.  Take a tour of apartments built by INTEGRA to see the high quality product we are getting.  Email Robert McDaniel to schedule a time:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • It will enhance Casselberry's identity

  • It will increase residential and commercial property values

  • Data proves that a 200 Unit Luxury Apartment Building will yield 4.7 million in spending within a 3 mile radius, boosting our local economy.

  • Casselberry will be a market leader with a beautiful unique project setting a standard within 5 miles.


City Revenues that will be enhanced:








Construction Values annual Advalorem Tax 
(if the CRA is extended, that amount would double)

Water and Sewer Sales Annually

Stormwater Utility Fees Annually

Sales Tax Annually

Public Service Taxes and Franchise Fees


Over 10 Years

There’s a one-time benefit fee to the city of $475,000 in impact fees.

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