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Below are commonly asked questions about Downtown Casselberry:

1. Are the Apartments really luxury apartments?

Absolutely! This has been a fact since the project’s inception. The developer’s price point of the new apartments of $1.00 to $1.05 per SF is 20% higher than the existing apartment rental rate in Casselberry which is .85 - .90 cents per SF.

Also, the apartments include the most popular modern amenities such as a gym, media center and pool. Integra’s portfolio will show you the quality project intended. Please visit their website:

INTEGRA is happy to give you a tour of apartments they've built so you can see for yourself the high quality product we can expect.  To schedule a time please email Robert McDaniel:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. What demographic will the apartments attract to the Casselberry Community?

The intended demographic is age 25 – 45. Young Families, Young Couples, Business Men and Women - commonly referred to as the “Millenials” or Generation “Y”. These are the young and trendy folks, looking for pedestrian friendly living where they can dine, shop, walk and enjoy local events close to home. These are the new spenders and market studies show that we can expect $4.7 million annually in spending within a 3 mile radius from this 200 Unit Luxury Apartment Project in Casselberry.

3. Why aren’t there any Retail Shops?

Current Market Studies show that new retail shops would not be sustainable, not now, nor in the near future. The City paid for two market studies, one last year and another August 2013. Both studies show that there is no market demand for new retail mix use plans. Many of the existing newer retail mixed use developments are suffering from empty storefronts. Likewise, of the 9 developers interested in developing our property, not one of them offered retail shopping as part of the mixed use. It is not a current market demand and may not be for years to come. The Market Study showed that our project - 4 waterfront restaurants with loads of park space, lakes, and art features supported by Luxury Apartments will survive and thrive for years to come.

4. What kind of restaurants can we expect to get?

The majority will be Dine-in only (no drive thru), moderately priced restaurants like Bone Fish Grill, Texas Road House, Culverts, Burger Fi, Houlihan’s, Chili’s, Cheddars, Carrabas, Red Lobster, etc…. Restaurants will offer outdoor/patio dining with water/park views.

5. How does a Public/Private Partnership work?

The Partnership works by all parties investing in the project. In this case the Private Partners are Integra (luxury apartments) and Casto (restaurants) and the Public Partner is the City of Casselberry.

The Private Partners are paying 3.4 Million dollars for the 20 acres being developed. The City of Casselberry is then re-investing the $3.4 Million in the project to pay for all the infrastructure needed to create the two lighted lakes and construct all the Public Park Space and Amenities located between the luxury apartments and restaurants.

6.  What can you do to offer support?

Your City Commissioners need to hear from you.  You can send an e-mail to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Put a sign in your yard.

You can also attend the next City Commission Workshop to voice your support:  Tuesday, October 29th, at 4 pm at City Hall. 

It is very important that your city leaders know that the community is behind this project.  This may not happen unless they hear from YOU ! 






-1 #3 Patrizio Merlo 2013-10-13 20:48
8) Finally we will live in TRENDY Casselberry, how excited am I? VERY
+3 #2 Renee Matthews 2013-09-27 22:42
I totally agree with the above comment. Please take advantage of this opportunity!
+3 #1 Rob Phillips 2013-09-13 11:26
I am thrilled and enthusiastic about this wonderful development. It appears the City Commissioners are building on the success and momentum they have been building the past few years - keep it up and lets get this built!

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