Casselberry Commission Approved Guiding Principles

1. There must be a proven market demand for the proposed uses, and the proposed uses must include a market anchor or destination activity. In addition, the project should become a catalyst for additional investment on the U.S. 17-92 corridor, as well as the city in general.

2. The proposed project must contribute to, and be synergistic with the existing City construction place-based improvements including, Lake Concord Park, the Lake Concord boardwalk and Triplet Lake Drive.

3. The proposed design must include non-vehicular pathways through the project which connect to the established city network to the east, south and north of the property. The City has established linkages in Lake Concord Park north to Home Depot. It will be the developer’s responsibility to create additional linkages from Lake Concord Park, across Triplet Lake Drive and through the vacant 15-acre parcel behind the Community Methodist Church to Piney Ridge.

4. The proposed project shall be designed in such a way that when completed it shall integrate in

to the natural fabric of the City, and shall feel as if the on-site public space is truly community space, open to residents throughout the community, not space reserved solely for patrons of the establishments created on the property.

5. A phased approach to development of the vision is acceptable, but a master developer is desired, and the project must consider an overall vision and strategy for development of the entire City Center area.

6. The City is amenable to considering redevelopment of properties where the Police Administration and Public Works/Fire Administration Building are located. The City prefers that City Hall remain in its present location; however, a project could include infill around City Hall, providing that existing public parking is accommodated in future development plans.

7. The project must contain elements that make the final development unique and special for the City (Place Making). In its entirety the redevelopment plan must go beyond the perception that it is “just a shopping center”. The city recognizes that there is a multitude of ways to achieve this end result using the entire acreage defined.

8. The City is highly desirous that the project include new destination casual dining restaurants with national and/or regional exposure. All other uses will be considered except for “big box” retail (Kohl’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart) and single-family residential. Mid-box retail anchors (Publix, Whole Foods) will be considered provided creative parking solutions and design context are considered.

9. The City recognizes that there are natural constraints (muck) on the 15 acre parcel. However, it is envisioned that these areas will become amenities including, but not limited to, water features and fountains.

10. Land Use and Zoning: The vacant portions of the properties have been designated as “Major thoroughfare Mixed Use” in the Comprehensive Plan. Under this designation, a mix of at least two uses is encouraged. The companion zoning has yet to be attached to these properties. The appropriate zoning is Planned Mixed Use, Medium Rise (PMX-MID) which provides for a maximum intensity of 1.0 FAR and a gross residential density of 25 DU’s per acre. A maximum of 6 stories will be allowed.


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